Unbecoming started as a trio in 2009 and cut one album on a tascam eight track cassette machine. The line up was Mike Hancock, Bill Renschler and Jay Wilson. Then more or less shut down with little recording 2009-2012. In 2014-2016 the band was joined by William Davidson, then back to a trio 2016-2017.

A small distribution including “Twizzlers” received airplay on WFMU. Unbecoming’s vault includes mixes of perhaps 25 sessions (songs, covers, sleeves), with another 75 sessions waiting to be mixed — a veritable fountain of improv!

Generally Unbecoming sessions are recorded without a break, for 40-75 minutes. Everyone plays everything — tape loops, bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals etc — except William Davidson played drums during 2014-2015, and Jay Wilson plays drums on more recent stuff (while shifting back and forth to other instruments). Nothing is rehearsed; hardly even talked about. Most of the discussion is about food.