Drummer Kelly Shane has performed in many bands that you have probably never heard of. He has played Power Pop (with Kenny Howes & the Yeah!), Dada Punk (Ultraboy), Indie Rock (Invaders From a Forbidden Planet), Prog Punk (Zen Lemmings), Chamber Music (New World Music Ensemble), @#$%ing Weird (Newsboy Legion) and Unclassified (Jandek—yep, THAT Jandek).

In the mid-90s, he purchased an 8-track reel-to-reel tape recorder and began making electronic music under the name Enemy From Space. The major musical influences were obsessions with Krautrock, late 70s/early80s low-budget horror films soundtracks, Joe Meek and just about any early synthesizer music he could find. Working on an extremely limited budget, with very little (and very cheap) equipment, the recordings were also inspired by the Do It Yourself aesthetic of such favorites as Guided by Voices, Chrome and early releases by The Residents. Mix in a love of old school science fiction, comic books, b-movies and general mid 20th century underground culture to further construct the frame of reference. Abstractions, released in 2002 by the Imperial Fuzz label, is a collection of recordings made during this period. The bonus tracks are of the same vintage but take a slightly different approach.

Shane is currently half of Your Fuzzy Friends, either an electro-pop duo or a musical puppet show, depending on one’s perspective.