• Young Patrick Stewart

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The Steel Door

  1. The Satan Factory 03:08
  2. Aether Ore (A Challenge) 04:40
  3. You’re Still Dissolving 02:55
  4. A Muse 03:40
  5. The Husband of a Model Rocket 03:00
  6. Number Work 01:50
  7. Young Patrick Stewart 03:28

Riding low on the heels of a hasty, ill-considered holiday release, for which he has yet to apologize publicly, Robotic Storm Cloud returns with another set of brain massaging science fiction songs, The Steel Door. He continues to grind the same stone as previous, and in fact many of these songs came from the same flurry of activity that fed Anhex (2014) and Christmas’s Coming (2014). The Steel Door also features several older songs thought lost on the hard drive, revised, re-abused, and made unpleasant. Listeners will congratulate themselves for making it through the whole album. That said, lovers of experimental and haphazardly-guided improvisation will find something worthwhile on this outing.