• Nitro Scouts

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The Four Walls of Today

  1. The Driver’s Prayer 02:57
  2. The Shining Devil Took Them 03:17
  3. Velvet Teen 02:39
  4. Baby Slow Lorus 03:09
  5. Sugar Crack 03:09
  6. I Willa Be Pompeii 02:24
  7. Blog vs. Breayeack 04:25
  8. Used to be Stuff 01:54
  9. Piano in my Windshield 02:55
  10. Fast Monster 02:52
  11. Please Stick Around 02:40
  12. Nitro Scouts 02:38
  13. Cynical 02:30
  14. It’s Good 02:58
  15. Wonderful World of Women 01:53
  16. The Four Walls of Today 04:04

In 1997, Cincinnati noise-pop group Martian Electric had decided to break up. Steve Libbey was moving to Atlanta, Mark Shepherd and John Stanton to Chicago. However, they had free recording time awaiting them at Cincinnati’s fabled Ultrasuede Studios courtesy of engineer Dave Davis. With only a handful of songs ready, they plowed through the set then improvised for hours. Overdubs followed at True Tone Studios with Dave True. This album shows what Martian Electric could have become if their lives hadn’t pulled them in separate ways.