• Sleeping with Pestilence

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Sleeping with Pestilence

  1. Sleeping with Pestilence 03:00
  2. Aeroplanes 03:50
  3. Hole in the Door 02:19
  4. Bryna 02:25
  5. Glory Paranoid 03:06
  6. Civil Disobedience 02:04
  7. Meddling 02:40
  8. Grudgefuck 01:32
  9. Halloween Girl 03:38

Shocklogic’s debut came out as a cassette only release, in the classic mode of 80s punk bands. Recorded in a strange apartment in Clifton, the album is a quick blast through their frenetic set. Thankfully, singer Souci’s vocals ride over the top of the glorious noise, to give the listener a taste of her poetic approach (which she has continued to pursue as a published poet and novelist in addition to Columbus band Pet UFO and her own solo work). In fact, there a scene in her semi-autobiographical novel Chrysanthemum that documents this recording session, although no PAs were defenestrated in the making of this album.

  • Date
    April 12, 1990
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