• You'll Be the First Against the Wall

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Realizations of Imaginary Sounds, 1997-2003

  1. Wild Drooling God 01:59
  2. The Furious Army 02:21
  3. U-Foe 02:15
  4. Rescue the Unit 02:15
  5. Across the Petulant Scree 03:06
  6. Approved Robot Canticle 02:14
  7. Free Life and Fresh Air 04:51
  8. BCMH 10 03:54
  9. Filthy Saints 03:04
  10. Narcissistor 02:06
  11. You’ll Be the First Against the Wall 03:24
  12. The Quartz Odalisque 02:06
  13. Goons in League with Tigers 02:45

Robotic Storm Cloud, aka Steve Libbey, had relocated from Cincinnati to Atlanta to follow his girlfriend. After years of playing in bands, he believed he was ready for the domestic life. But the need to make noise was strong within him, and so, recalling the fun he’d had creating the sample-based pieces on Martian Electric’s Sky-Fi, he built an audio PC.

Freed from the pressure of pleasing an audience, Libbey experimented with severe sound deconstruction and blunt rhythms. When asked, he described the work as “deliberately self-indulgent.” Yet what he had composed was a bold step in the celebration of sound for sound’s sake, and an exploration of the musical world that can be evoked with the sounds of the real world. Nearly everything on the album began life as a sample before being subjected to manipulation in sound editing programs.
This remastered album collects half his work from 1997-2003 in all its raw glory. These songs are his “vibrant” work; its companion album, Ambush on All Sides, collects the more ambient, spooky pieces.