• Sleek-Headed Men

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Massive Missive

  1. Byzantium By Car 03:50
  2. Massive Missive 09:30
  3. Sleek-Headed Men 02:56

A trio of guitar noise tunes from I, Steve Libbey, aka I, Beast, recorded from 2013 to 2016.

“Byzantium By Car ” features the rare Harmonic Isolator third bridge guitar by New Complexity (on loan from Brutes). Recorded and mastered just this week!

“Massive Missive” is a patchwork of an improvisation at Guitar Center with their gear and a Ric — ha ha! I believe a Z Vex Fuzz Factory, Eventide ModFactor, and Ditto were involved. Can you imagine how the employees felt about the noise coming out of their guitar room? Nothing… it’s soundproof for a reason, lucky them.

“Sleek Headed Men” was the first experiment I did with a guitar line (in this case, an acoustic backing track from some tutorial) murderized in Melodyne sometime in 2013. No effects were used — it’s all the dissolution of the sounds of the guitar.