• Teenage Guitar

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Innocence Rocks

  1. Mascaret 02:23
  2. Down Low 02:35
  3. Coronation Day 04:56
  4. Black Shellac 03:51
  5. Peninsular 02:43
  6. Incarceration 03:10
  7. Manuscript 04:59
  8. Push Off 04:01
  9. Greasy Chicken Dimmer 02:58
  10. Butter Clam 01:34
  11. Teenage Guitar 04:24

On a dreary Portland afternoon in 2005, the first seeds of the Scree got together in the basement of a industrial loft building, next to the mushroom (legal!) grower, and where the Decemberists held their practices too, and they began to play surf music sans bass. This evolved into a tight five man unit writing urgent post-punk tunes full of movement and sparkle. Vocalist Bengt Halvorson’s evocative lyrics are sung out with full throated power, while Ben Salzberg and Steve Libbey weave their guitars together with complimentary licks. Seth Ladygo and Robert Elam held a thick groove as the rhythm section. Although gigging sporadically (let’s not talk about the awkward debut gig, shall we?) after Ben joined the band, their reception was enthusiastic.

Innocence Rocks was recorded at PermaPress Studios by Pat Kearns in 2008. After the recording, Steve Libbey moved to Seattle and Robert Elam left the band, to be replaced by Erich. The Scree continue to gig and record as a quartet.