• Cannibalism and Polygamy

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Heated Self

  1. The Evil Friendship 04:56
  2. Creep Into Thy Narrow Bed 04:10
  3. Cannibalism and Polygamy 06:34
  4. Destined to Certain Cash 03:32
  5. Fig 3 Thamyris 04:16
  6. One Hopes 02:32
  7. Heated Self Executive Summary #1 04:56
  8. ESP Orchids 06:42

Heated Self, the debut I, Beast album, features Steve Libbey (Robotic Storm Cloud, Brutes, ex-Scree) exploring how far out he can go with just a guitar and effects. The pieces range from warbling soundscapes to outer space madness, all improvised overdubs. In this, he takes his inspiration from Fripp, Eno, Kaiser, The Flaming Lips, and Sonic Youth.