• Collector's Program

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Collector’s Program

  1. Collector’s Program 02:43
  2. The Mifune March 03:40
  3. The Yellow Mask Mob 03:27
  4. Pest 03:13
  5. Sword of Doom 03:02
  6. Rantling 02:04
  7. Woman Shot Glam 02:31
  8. The Old Roads 02:25
  9. Zomba Has a Thousand Spears 04:06

Martian Electric reunited in 1999 for a weekend recording session at Columbus’ Blue House Studio with Billy Heingartner. “Collector’s Program” was written in advance and sung by Mark Shepherd; the rest of the pieces were improvised instrumentals featuring clarinet, sampler, organ, lap steel and keys along with the usual guitar/bass/drums. These sessions went unheard until released by Thingmo.

Mark Shepherd – vocals, guitar, lap steel, keys
Steve Libbey – guitar, keys, samples
John Stanton – bass, clarinet, keys
Eric Davis – drums, samples

Recorded by Billy Heingartner at Blue Room Studios in Columbus, OH
All songs improvised by Martian Electric except for “Collector’s Program” by Mark Shepherd
Mastered by John Jack Pitcairn at Thingmo Labs
Design by Steve Libbey