• Santa Claus is Coming

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Christmas’s Coming

  1. Santa Claus is Coming 03:22
  2. Mrs. Claus is Coming 04:08
  3. Rudolph is Coming 03:12
  4. Santa’s Elves are Coming 04:36
  5. Santa Claus is Coming Again 03:32
  6. Your Parents are Coming 04:10
  7. Jesus Christ the Lord is Coming 06:40

With the happy holiday season comes a selection of Christmas songs for everybody to come to enjoy All Over The World. Composed and presented and played by the Robotic Storm Cloud Players, Christmas’s Coming is coming to brighten up your holidays for this holiday year. All of your favorite Christmas characters are coming: Santa, Santa’s wife, Rudolph, the happy Elves, and Jesus Christ Our Lord. Hum along, sing along, snap and clap along! And if you enjoy this album, please consider enjoying Anhex, the previous release of the Robotic Storm Cloud Players, featuring secular music.