• Ghost Month

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Ambush On All Sides

  1. Ambush On All Sides 04:55
  2. Ghost Month 03:05
  3. Exotoca 04:55
  4. Thou Map of Woe! 04:55
  5. God’s New System 04:55
  6. Heide Jiang 04:55
  7. Oorla 04:55
  8. Star 5 04:55
  9. Ting Huade Sheng Wang 04:55
  10. Vertebrae 03:00
  11. Polenta 04:55
The second volume of Robotic Storm Cloud tracks, Ambush on All Sides (named for an ancient Chinese classical piece) veers more into the abstract, the atmospheric, and textured than the hyperkinetic Realizations of Imaginary Sounds. Composed between 1997-2003, Ambush is more laid back and patient — with the exception of “Polenta.” Interesting story: as Libbey was layering drum loops into a glorious cacophony, he heard a voice repeating the word “polenta.” Investigation revealed that the word was being formed mysteriously through the combination of frequencies of the samples. He of course left it in there as an easter egg for the sharp-eared listener.

Ambush, though contemplative, is also quite playful. The 8 bit noise loops of “Oorla” prefigure the fascination with glitch culture. “Ting Huade Sheng Wang” (The Obedient Soundwave) evolved from a corrupted file of a guitar piece, now lost to the ages, but much more interesting. “Star 5” was born on a 4 track in 1995 and made it to the PC years later.