• Warren Ghoul Harding Award for Excellence - 2016 - 01 Bat Rat

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  1. Bat Rat 05:41
  2. Spikes (Now We’re Getting Somewhere) 03:05
  3. Eye Instrument 05:40
  4. The Dank Cavern of the Altruizines 04:24
  5. But All You Have Are Fingerchimes 02:37

We’d like to apologize to all the parents for the unacceptable delay in getting your Award for Excellence compact disc to you. I accept full responsibility and promise to shed some darkness on why the process went astray.

Our ghouls were particularly productive this year. They organized a themed presentation, a story they researched and wrote together about a bat, who’s also a rat, and his adventure in the land of the menacing Altruizines. We’re rather proud of them for this extraordinary effort.

There were no teachers, parents or assassins involved in the making of this compact disc. It’s an entirely student run affair!